Unfortunately, Hog Time Radio is no longer streaming 24/7 (scroll down for the reason).  However, you can still listen to playlists of the type of music we were streaming here or here.  Neither requires you to sign-up.

Many thanks to all of you who listened to Hog Time Radio over the last almost 5 years, even if only every now and then.  We are going to miss it, too. :)  Check back here from time to time to see if we have restarted streaming.  

Email us here

1/31/16: Unfortunately, recent changes to music streaming royalties by the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) have put Hog Time Radio off the air.  The royalties didn't go up that much, but a past provision for lower rates for "small webcasters" (like us and 1000s of others) wasn't renewed.  Therefore, our streaming service, Live365.com, closed down on 1/31/16.

If you want to complain about all this, you might want to sign the petition here, although it likely won't do any good.


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